Release Date: August 1, 2015

I am extremely excited to share this new album, Keys of Light.

The music was written to celebrate friendship and to honor the memories of those
who have touched my life and the lives of others in profound ways.

"Love, passion and tenderness overflow from the music
which is heartfelt, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful..."

Kathy Parsons -

"The keyboards and orchestrations throughout 'Keys of Light'
are like a soundtrack to heaven. If this is the kind of bliss
that awaits us after we leave our bodies and become pure light
then we are in for an amazing journey ahead..."

Keith "MusikMan" Hannaleck -

"'Keys of Light' is another masterful release by Chadburn...
one of the best pianists performing today...'Keys of Light' sees
Dan Chadburn, not just raise the bar, but throw it high and far;
this is an amazingly beautiful release..."

Steve Sheppard - One World Music

"Perfectly composed instrumental music with a definite
reflective purpose, 'Keys of Light' brings into focus the
Neoclassical piano magic of Dan Chadburn."

Robert Steven Silverstein - Music Web Express 3000

Each of the twelve pieces on Keys of Light is in a different key, 
symbolic of the unique opportunity we each have to bring light to this world.

Album Notes

"Tacoma Morning" was written as a tribute to Dr. Calvin Knapp, my piano professor

and mentor at Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, WA). Dr. Knapp was a

marvelous man, a brilliant pianist and teacher who enthusiastically shared

his love of life, family, and music with everyone he knew.

[e minor to G major]


"Beyond the Rain" is a neoclassical piece for piano and viola

which begins in a bit of a tempest but gradually dissipates,

inviting introspection and acceptance.

[a minor]


Initially a single voice in the treble of the piano, "Keys of Light"

transforms into a rich texture of sound,

each instrument singing in polyphony and sharing in the luminance of the whole.

[Gb major]


On September 22, 2010, cyberbullying led to the tragic suicide death of Tyler Clementi,

a talented violinist and student at Rutgers University. I composed "Tyler's Tribute"

in his memory a few days after his death. To learn more about Tyler and the foundation

established in his name, please visit

[c minor to C major to c minor]


Our beautiful dog, Kya, gave us incredible love and joy in the nine years we shared with her.

Translated from its African origin, "Kya" means "Diamond in the Sky."

This piece was written as a tribute to her the night she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Kya is our bright star, a bright light, our "Diamond in the Sky."

[Ab major]


"Chesapeake Sail" was written after spending a day sailing on the Chesapeake Bay,

sharing food and music with dear friends. Thank you, Tom, Anne, Dave, Rainey and Holly!

[f# minor]


"My Irish Love" was recorded in the studio as a piano improvisation.

My husband, Tom, suggested I play a folktune-like melody and expand upon it.

This improvisation is dedicated to Tom, my Irish love.

[Db major]


For me, "To the Heavens" has an "otherness" to it...

Another place, another time,

Distant, yet near.

A whisper, a prayer, a wish, a hope.

A movement to the heavens.

[eb minor]


"With You Always" is dedicated to my parents. Married for more than sixty years,

their encouragement and support of my musical efforts means the world to me.

Thank you, mom and dad. I love you.

[A major]


In October, 1998, the world lost a beautiful light in Matthew Shepard, a gentle soul

who was abducted and murdered -- merely because he was gay.

I wrote "Matthew" a few days after his death,

to honor this young man for his courage and for the life he lived.

Matt's lasting legacy through the Matthew Shepard Foundation seeks

to "replace hate with understanding, compassion, and acceptance."

To learn more, please visit

[d minor to D major]


Paul Florentino was a trusted and beloved friend of mine and many others.

An exceptional doctor, Paul began as a USAF flight surgeon, eventually becoming

the deputy commander of medical services at the National Naval Medical Center.

He was an avid photographer who loved the arts. "Paul's Prayer" was composed for

his memorial service (prior to his burial at Arlington National Cemetery) in 2011.

I share it here now to honor him and the light he brought to this world,

and to honor the love he shared with his life partner, Chris Pedersen.

[Bb major]


I don't often record cover songs but the simplicity and beauty of James Pankow's song, "Colour My World,"

kept calling to me as Tom and I planned our studio sessions for the album.

And so, on the final day of recording, I sat down at the piano and improvised upon

that popular song of my world...

[F major]


A 7' Yamaha piano was used in the recording of "Keys of Light" as well as a Kurzweil PC3K8 keyboard
and East West Symphonic Orchestra. Dan Chadburn composed and performed all orchestrations.