Press Reviews for "Held in the Light"


Dyan Garris -

"The love emanating from this album will stay in your soul long after the music stops playing. In my opinion, Dan Chadburn is one of the most important solo piano artists of our time. Held in the Light is outstanding and definitely not to be missed. Exceptionally beautiful solo piano."

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Kathy Parsons -

"Held in the Light" is pianist/composer Dan Chadburn's seventh solo piano album, and it is stunning! Chadburn says so much with a simple yet powerful melody and his deeply emotional expression - beyond words!"

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Dick Metcalf - Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"Dan's classical piano background has always been a cornerstone in his playing, for this writer, at least; but the thing that sets his works apart from 'all the other keyboardists' is his dedication to creating a connection with the listener."

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Steve Sheppard - One World Music Radio

"Dan Chadburn has to be one of the most unique pianists around today. As soon as he touches the keys you can tell it's him. He has that ever so defined musical signature. It's just a bliss to behold and be a part of. He is also probably the most sensitive performer of his day...his gentle and subtle style is a place that fans of solo piano will willingly visit over and again, and Held in the Light, his seventh release, is yet another heartfelt album, truly to be cherished."


Candice Michelle - Journeyscapes Radio

"Certain to aid in calming and centering the mind while gently lifting the spirits, Held in the Light is yet another impressively composed and arranged album from Dan Chadburn."



One of the original improvisations on Held in the Light ("Breath of Life" - Track #8) was composed on the spot during a concert at Piano Haven Studios.

Here is the video of that concert moment:

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