Release Date: August 1, 2015

I am extremely excited to share this new album, Keys of Light.

The music was written to celebrate friendship and to honor the memories of those
who have touched my life and the lives of others in profound ways.

You can read more about each of the tracks on Keys of Light by clicking here.

"Love, passion and tenderness overflow from the music
which is heartfelt, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful..."

Kathy Parsons -

"The keyboards and orchestrations throughout 'Keys of Light'
are like a soundtrack to heaven. If this is the kind of bliss
that awaits us after we leave our bodies and become pure light
then we are in for an amazing journey ahead..."

Keith "MusikMan" Hannaleck -

"'Keys of Light' is another masterful release by Chadburn...
one of the best pianists performing today...'Keys of Light' sees
Dan Chadburn, not just raise the bar, but throw it high and far;
this is an amazingly beautiful release..."

Steve Sheppard - One World Music

"Perfectly composed instrumental music with a definite
reflective purpose, 'Keys of Light' brings into focus the
Neoclassical piano magic of Dan Chadburn."

Robert Steven Silverstein - Music Web Express 3000
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